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Bucharest Otopeni Airport (OTP)-Bucharest city (all areas)
Punctuality: 5   Driver: 5   Vehicle: 5

Bucharest Otopeni Airport (OTP)-Bucharest city (all areas)
Perfect service!
Punctuality: 5   Driver: 5   Vehicle: 5

Bucharest Otopeni Airport (OTP)-Bucharest city (all areas)
Punctuality: 5   Driver: 5   Vehicle: 5

Bucharest Otopeni Airport (OTP)-Bucharest city (all areas)
Paul, once again, was great
Punctuality: 5   Driver: 5   Vehicle: 5

Bucharest Otopeni Airport (OTP)-Bucharest city (all areas)
Paul is great. Thank you
Punctuality: 5   Driver: 5   Vehicle: 5

Bucharest Otopeni Airport (OTP)-Bucharest city (all areas)
Our flight was an hour late arriving but our driver waited for us and brought us straight to our hotel. Driver was very professional and vehicle was very clean.
Punctuality: 5   Driver: 5   Vehicle: 5

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Bucharest Airport transfer by taxi, minivan, minibus & coach

bucharest otopeni airport transfers by taxi minivan minibus and coach

Taxi from Bucharest Airport to the city

If you need taxi transfer from Bucharest airport to a few different destinations around Romania and the country's bordering cities, you have stumbled upon the perfect website!

Our taxi company offers transfers by taxi, business and luxury cars, minivan, minibus and coach. Our services' prices are more than affordable and we can assure you that you will be glad to book one of our taxis! The services that we offer are door-to-door transfer from one destination to another. Some of the top destinations that are now every day routines to the drivers in our company are from Bucharest Otopeni airport to Bucharest, Braila, Brasov, Buzau, Constanta, Galati, Mamaia, Ploiesti, Ramnicu Valcea and Ruse.

How much is a taxi from Bucharest Airport to the city?

Taxis at Bucharest Otopeni Airport use a taximeter when calculating the tariff for you. For locals this may be a solution as they can easily argue the fee with the driver. However tourists, who do not speak the Romanian can get into inconvenient situations. According to the official fee, taxis are relatively cheap in Bucharest. If you want to be sure that a friendly, English speaking driver will welcome you upon arrival, we advice to pre-book your transfer. offers fix and all-inclusive rates between Bucharest Otopeni Airport and all areas of Bucharest:

  • Private taxi (maximum capacity 3 passengers + driver) - 18,82 euro
  • Premium taxi (maximum capacity 3 passengers + driver) - 25,88 euro
  • Luxury car (maximum capacity 3 passengers + driver) - 35,29 euro
  • Private minivan (maximum capacity 6 passengers + driver) - 31,76 euro
  • Private minibus (maximum capacity 7 passengers + driver) - 39,76 euro
  • Private minibus (maximum capacity 14 passengers + driver) - 70,59 euro
  • Private minibus (maximum capacity 18 passengers + driver) - 105,88 euro
  • Private coach (maximum capacity 49 passengers + driver) - 205,88 euro


About Bucharest

Bucharest is the capital city of Romania, located in the south side of the country. It is is the country's biggest commercial center. If you are visiting Bucharest, check out Palatul Parlamentului, the building of the Romanian Government. The average price for a night at a hotel is 40 dollars, and about 100 dollars for a 5 star hotel. The population is about 1.913 inhabitants living in the Romanian capital.  

Bucharest is quite known for the beautiful, long boulevards filled with trees, the glorious and extravagant Belle Epoque architectural pieces  and the lovely old cobbled streets filled with antique shops, bars and restaurants. The legend says that this city has been founded right nearby the river called Dambovita by Bucur, a shepherd with a specific name that actually means the word "joy". Bucur was always playing the flute and his music was dazzling away all the people, while he was serving some of his wine to the locals. This is the legend of the creation of the beautiful city of Bucharest, a city that is known as the "Little Paris".

If you are visiting Bucharest, you should go the Casa Presei Libere, which means the House of free press. This is an impressive building that looks like a small replica of Moskow's University of Lomonosov. Somewhere between 1956-1989, Casa Presei Libere was the place where all the capital presses and the most important headquarters of the companies working with print media were located. These days, it has some similar functions. The southern side of it is the place where the Stock Exchange of Bucharest is placed today.

Transfers from Bucharest Airport to popular locations

Braila is one of the cities located in the east side of Romania. The city's a port just right on Danube. Braila is the capital city of the County of Braila, nearby Galati. There are about 206.599 inhabitants living in Braila nowadays. One of the most beautiful places in Braila is its old town which is spread all around the old Piata Traian (the square called Traian). You can see Sf. Mihail si Gravril, an old orthodox church, a Greek church that dates back from the period between the years 1862-1872, Biserica Sf. Nicolae, known as the Church of St. Nicholas, the theater Maria Filotti which was named after one of the greatest actresses from Romania, the museum called Braila county, and the Water Tower.

The museum Braila County, known as Judetean Braila is located inside of an old French hotel (in Romanian - Hotelul Francez). The building is a two-story piece, which dates back from the period around 1855. There are Archeology, History, Art, Folk art and Ethnographic sections in this museum. You can also see a huge compilation of photos in "sepia" which can help you dive in the magnificent history of this lovely old Romanian city.

Brasov is another Romanian city located in the region known as Transylvania, ringed nearby the famous Romanian mountains known as the Carpathian. This city is well-know for the bastions and Saxon walls, as well as the Black Church from the times of Gothic. The Council square is one of the most historical places in Brasov, located in the old town where you can see all kinds of colorful buildings built in the old baroque style. The average price for a night at a hotel is 50 dollars, and for a more luxurious hotel it is 90 dollars.

Buzau is a city in the famous old region known as Wallachia. The river Buzau passes by, just between the curvature of the mountains Carpathian and Baragan. There are about 129.368 living in Buzau these days. If you are staying in this lovely historical city, you will pay an average price of 50 dollars per night at a 3 star hotel.

Constanta, the oldest Romanian city, used to be called Tomis back in the days. This is the oldest city in the country that has been continuously filled with inhabitants since the day it was built. The city has been founded approximately 600 BC. Constanta's location is in the region known as Dobruja, just at the coast of the old Black Sea. There are about 297.503 inhabitants living in Constanta today. The average price for a night at a hotel is 40 dollars. If you wish to stay at a luxurious hotel, you will pay about 100 dollars per night.

Galati is located in the old historical area of Moldavia, on the east side of Romania. This is the largest port city that is located on the river Darube. The average price for one night at a 3 star hotel in Galati is 70 dollars. Today, there are approximately 286.530 inhabitants living in Galati.

Mamaia is one of the best resorts located in the Black Sea in Romania. It is a district of the oldest city Constanta. According to the latest survey, this is the most popular and most luxurious resort in Romania. If you wish to have fun tasting the delicious Romanian cuisine while relaxing at the Black Sea coast, you should pay a visit to Mamaia.

Ploiesti lies just nearby the old historical area known as Wallachia. This town's location is about 56 km away from the Romanian capital, Bucharest. The average price for a night at a hotel in Ploiesti is 40 dollars. The population is 224.406 inhabitants these days living in this city.

Ramnicu Valcea is a Romanian city which is the capital of the county called Valcea. There are about 110.527 individuals living in Ramnicu Valcea these days. If you decide to pay a visit to this old Romanian city, it will cost you about 40 dollars per night in an average 3 star hotel.

Ruse is a city in Bulgaria, nearby Danube river's right bank, just opposite from Giurgiu, an old Romanian city. ruse is about 75 km away from the Romanian capital city of Bucharest. This is the most important river port in Bulgaria because it has a huge role in the everyday international trading in the country. The architecture in Ruse generally dates back from the 19th and the 20th century. The style of the buildings is neo-rococo and neo-baroque, and this unique style is one of the top attractions for tourists who come nearby this region. Many people refer to Ruse as "Little Vienna". Our company offers transport from Bucharest airport to the city of Ruse in Bulgaria for the most affordable price on the market.

If you need some of our services, do not hesitate and book one of our vehicles even today. We can offer you some of the top destinations that are generally the most wanted ones, according to the people who arrive at Bucharest airport. If you need a quick yet efficient taxi transfer, book one of our cars right now and enjoy your stay in Romania!